Friday, May 4

Drawing from past experience

Here are a couple of examples of my life drawing from this past term. The quality of the photos aren't great, but at least you can see where I put all the lines. And that's all that matters.


You may have heard the rumours, whisperings between anonymous figures in the shadows. Can it be true? Can the sting be truly finished?



I've re-recorded the squirrel's dialogue, as the original "testing" was a bit ugly and robotic sounding. Now he says "testing, one two..." and it's slightly high-pitched! How about that?
Also, on the subject of sounds, Sam went and found a sound effect that would work for the moment where the side bit of the Roman helmet falls off and clatters to the ground. It gives it a bit of weight, and subtly enhances the humour of the moment.

Here it is, in all its Tex-icity and Avery-ness...