Thursday, November 15

3D Animation Test 2

This test is a bit too fast-paced (no worries, I'll just bung a few more frames in), but the main movements and expressions (excluding little superfluous twitches) seem okay.

Wednesday, November 14

On set

I'm still working on the lighting (I don't want it to be too dark to see the characters) and I need to texture the sidewalk in the background, but I'm happy with how it's looking.

Yeah, I called it a sidewalk. It's set in New York! I'm a method animator, ya hear?

Monday, November 5

On the dope

Here is the dope sheet for the initial dialogue between Norman and the cop.
'Chico' is the cop, and 'Groucho' is Norman, by the way - I forgot to re-name the voices whilst doing the dope sheet, so I have them under the names of their original speakers.