Tuesday, October 30

Final Animatic

I tweaked a few camera angles to give it more dynamism. Also, I gave up trying to sample the second Groucho line - it's just really hard to come by. I replaced it with a shrug.

Monday, October 29

Outta the way, Cool Guy coming through

And thus began the animations proper!
I tried the walk cycle with a double bounce initially, but before I had even finished it I could see that it was just a little bit too happy for the scenario. Making him go bounce-bounce for every single step looked like he was too overtly, exhaustingly happy.
I reduced it to a single, distinct bounce, and eventually went with this walk cycle, which I'm quite pleased with.
He looks comfortable. Contented. And as I'm sure any father will tell you, that's all I want for him.

Monday, October 22

This animatic is not finished. Nearly, but not.

Here is the animatic! You know I mean business because the font's in BOLD!

And no, the animatic is not finished (just in case the title escaped you). I'm still hunting for the second sound clip ("Well, all the jokes can't be good..."), and I want to hear how the line's spoken before I put it down in animatic form.
Might just rip it from a DVD or something.

Saturday, October 6

I've tweaked it

I've tweaked my storyboard. After a feedback session from Peter, I have adjusted and added a few shots in order to aid the narrative, including a distinctive close-up tracking shot to make the most of the 3D environment.
That's all I really have to say at this juncture. You might as well just look at the tweaked storyboard. Here.

October 5, 2012
After days of obsessive hunting on the internet, I am saddened to report that there is still no sign of the elusive 'well, all the jokes can't be good' sound clip. It may be my malnourished mind playing tricks on me, but I'm starting to doubt the line even exists... 
Nevertheless, I will continue my quest. May God have mercy. If this be my last message, I want my family to know that I love them.