Tuesday, February 7

Avery little helps

I've been storyboarding an idea for an animated sting. Our brief gave us three criteria: it had to be in the style of a certain film/animation genre (we had a list of genres to choose from), it had to incorporate the university's logo, the Minerva, somewhere, and it had to be twenty seconds long.
I was attracted to the style of Tex Avery, because his fast-paced, madcap style lends itself well to the twenty seconds of running time and the genre's fairly open to original ideas and creativity.

Anyway. Enough chitter-chat. Here's the storyboard.

I then started thinking about timing. How is this sting going to be spaced out? At what point in those twenty seconds will certain things happen?
To answer this, I did a rough copy of the drawings in Flash (I didn't have digital copies of the actual storyboard at the time), and created a twenty second animatic with audio I stitched together from snippets of soundtracks from MGM cartoons of the period (MGM was the studio where Tex Avery worked on the cartoons that have become synonymous with his name). I'm going to re-do it with the actual drawings sometime soon, but for now this will do. It's served its purpose.
And here, people who want to see the animatic, is the animatic!

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