Saturday, April 14


The novelty of the acronym may be waning, but the workflow certainly isn't!

Everything will be stitched together in the next couple of days. There are lots of chunks of animation floating about, being completed here and there, but this is how the mothership currently looks. This is the stuff I've done.
Pay extra attention to the animation of the squirrel! There's no interesting fact to follow that request - I just really like the animation...

The squirrel is finished now. That's something that can be permanently scribbled out of the to-do list in permanent marker for all I care.

He finally has a tail! I wanted to animate the body first, so that the tail could then be animated to drag slightly as it reacts to the movement. Also, the existence of the tail makes the big, climactic gag easy to see now.

I've also included shadows to all the characters instead of just the Roman. It draws less attention to the fact that his shadow is only there for dramatic effect, without dampening the impact of his appearance.

The boom mic's finally finished. I was daunted by the idea of animating it, as it's a fairly rigid form with bits that pivot in pseudo-3D directions, but it turned out quite well in the end! I did end up copying and pasting the upper bit of the boom mic pole, repositioning it for different frames, but it gives the animation a bit more solidity and consistency. I forgive myself for that one.

Also, the fight cloud's been enhanced with stars and scraps of fur to enhance the sense of violence, and it breaks up instead of vanishing, revealing the wolf slightly more gradually.
Note the remaining scraps on the wolf's head, cementing the notion that there's more or less no way he's going to explain his way out of the situation he's in - he's blatantly the culprit, no matter how much he tries to smile his way out!

Oh, Mr Wolf!

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