Friday, September 28

And thus began the second year.

Hello! The second year has officially begun!

Delving straight back into a new project, we've been given the task of coming up with a layout, a 20-30 second scenario to take place within the layout and a sound clip to provide dialogue within the scenario. This will then be developed into a short 3D animated scene.

I chose New York for my scene, because I liked the idea of working on a scene set on a city street. New York is so distinctive and full of character, so it was a natural place for the street to be set. This classic feel will be reinforced by the use of genre-relevant sound clips for the dialogue.

I then chose a scenario - mistaken identity. The main character - a pre-rendered character known as Norman - walks into shot from the left. Meanwhile, another character - the same Norman model but with something to identify him as a criminal - runs into shot from round a corner, carrying a briefcase with dollar signs on it, towards Norman. The criminal bumps into Norman, drops his briefcase, and continues to run out of shot. Norman picks up the briefcase out of curiosity - only for a police officer to appear from round the corner and confront him. Cue dialogue...

There are two sound clips, both of Groucho Marx. The first quote will be from the Marx Brothers' film Horse Feathers:
Chico (as the police officer): Who are you?
Groucho (as Norman): I'm fine thanks, who are you? 
At this point, the policeman gets out his nightstick and holds it to Norman's neck. Norman stumbles backwards, bumping into a rickety stack of crates. The crates wobble, and a bottle perched on the top falls off and hits the policeman on the head, incapacitating him. There's an awkward pause.
Groucho (as Norman): Well, all the jokes can't be good. You've got to expect that once in a while! ~ Quote from Animal Crackers (1930)
Norman sheepishly steps over the policeman's body, and exits the shot to the right.

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