Friday, March 30

GIF me, baby

Is this a SPUD? I'll call it SPUD #2.5, and leave it at that.
Here's a little animated GIF that I thought you'd like to have a look at.
As you can see, I've used that picture of the Roman helmet as reference. It's always worth doing a little bit of research, especially for aesthetics, because a little visual element (or a lack of a visual element) can determine whether or not the audience 'gets' what they're supposed to be looking at. For example, the flappy side bits to the helmet - I don't know their names - look very Roman now, because I wasn't just drawing from memory. It helps to say 'look, this is a Roman helmet' in the space of about a second.

And in a twenty second animation (let alone a twenty second Tex Avery-influenced animation), such speed is essential.

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