Monday, March 19

Sting Production Update #1

Hello. This is a sting production update. Or SPUD for short.

My animatic was selected to be made into a fully animated sting, and so now I have two team-mates: Mr Jake Longworth and Mr Sam Sanalitro.

The workload has been divided as follows: I provide most of the main keyframes to outline the movement, and then Jake and Sam do the in-betweens. The more complex the action, the more input I'll have. Sam is going to be creating the final soundtrack, and Jake is going to be assisting with colouring-in and general editing.

To get the ball rolling, I animated the beginning bit. Here it is, albeit in a slightly lo-res .gif format:
Sam and Jake are really very good at in-betweening now. After a couple of brief sessions in which I explained the characters and my drawing methods, they latched onto my style of working quickly, and are producing some really good work.

Speaking of which, other segments of the animation are nearing completion, but they're not in chronological order. I'll pop them into the sting soon, the unfinished areas filled with the animatic, to show you how well everyone's doing.

Here ends today's SPUD.

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